We allow transfers* and it is important that you work with us to get your bib transferred correctly. It is extremely important that we have the new runner’s information, emergency contact information, and a signed waiver. The person accepting the transfer will be charged a $10 administration fee (plus transaction fee).

If the transfer occurs after we have placed the shirt order, we won’t be able to change the shirt size. They will be given the shirt in the size that you ordered. We will do our best to accommodate.

Steps to follow:

  • The runner registered should send an email to grasslandstrailrun@gmail.com, copying the person they want to transfer their bib to and giving written permission of the transfer. Please send from the email that was used in the registration.
  • The person accepting the bib will receive a code to register and pay the transfer fee. They must register within 48 hours of receiving the code.
  • We do not get involved in any other payment transactions between the two people.

We require transfers to be completed no later than March 8. This allows us to keep our focus on the race course and other important race details during the race week. If you contact us during race week, we will not reply and the transfer is not allowed. No exceptions.

We do not allow transfers to another race (Rockledge Rumble) or another year. The costs of the race are sunk and do not can transferred to another event.

*We will not allow transfers if we have sold out of the race and have a wait list. In that case, we will follow the posted refund policy and allow the next person on the wait list to register.