Race Rules

Chip Timing – Even though this is a chip-timed race your start time is based off of Gun Time.  All splits and finish time is based on when you cross the timing mat. You will not get an official time unless you are wearing your chip for the entire race. The chips are sensitive to angle and proximity with the timing mat so wear the chip around your ankle, as intended. 

No Littering – We host the race by special permit from the Forest Service. Please respect the trail. Intentional littering will not be tolerated and is grounds for disqualification. Each aid station will have garbage bags. If you have garbage between stations, carry until the next aid station. This includes wrappers from gels, food items, etc. 

Running the Course Correctly – Any runner who does not run the course in the proper direction/order may be disqualified from the race. Make sure you study the course maps and understand the order and direction of the trails you will run in your race. It is your responsibility to understand the course.

Cutting the Course – Anyone who cuts the course intentionally will be disqualified and may be banned from registering from future Blaze Trails  races. Anyone who cuts the course unintentionally may be disqualified or assessed a time penalty at the sole discretion of the race director. 

Crews are not allowed at any location other than the Start/Finish at TADRA Point. There is not enough parking at any remote aid station for crew vehicles.

Outside Aid is not permitted. Aid is only allowed at designated aid stations. 

Pacers are only allowed for the 50-mile event only, and only on the final loop. No exceptions. Anyone violating this policy will be disqualified. Pacers are not allowed to carry any items for their runner. Runners are only allowed to pick up their runner from the START/Finish Aid Station at TADRA Point. Pacers must check in and sign a waiver before leaving with their runner.

Dropping from the Race  While we don’t prohibit dropping at remote aid stations, we typically do not shuttle people back to to the start/finish except in the most dire circumstances. If you need to drop, please check out from the race and provide your race chip to the timer at the Start/Finish.

Don’t Let The Cows Out – Please close and chain the cattle gates along the course behind you. The forest service leases sections of the grasslands for cattle grazing from time to time. Anyone violating this policy will be disqualified.

Share the Trail—with people and animals!

Grasslands is a combination of single-track and equestrian trails. If someone is behind you and ready to pass, please step to the side and allow them to pass.

You might come across horseback riders. When approaching, talk to the riders and let them know that you are coming up. Hearing your voice will prevent a horse from getting spooked. Give riders time to move to the side.

Cows are also sometimes in fields or even on the trail in front of you. Please run around them, giving them plenty of space.

Respect Volunteers and Race Staff – Our Volunteers are pretty darn great! Please be courteous and thank them for coming out to support the race. 

Headphones – We do not prohibit Headphone use during the race. However if you do decide to use headphones, we’d like to ask that you listen with one ear only so you can be aware of other runners and your surroundings.